Jmiah's REWIND
Experience the beginning.

Have YOU ever been hurt and rejected by someone you love?


REWIND was written, created and produced to help us REALIZE that RELATIONSHIPS can go bad, and also breed REJECTION and RESENTMENT. The message Jmiah delivers with REWIND also helps us with RECOVERY and RESILIENCE. That's HOW WE HEAL! :)


JMIAH, from a youth speaker to a TV show co-host, to a model, to an actor, back to a highly sought after national speaker and life coach, Video producer and branding specialist/consultant to... finally, after all the years of hiding his music abilities... releases his first music video/short film to show off his passion for telling REAL stories of what people deal with and giving HOPE with his message and artistic work.

Real Name: Jeremy Williamson

Location: Atlanta, GA


Genre: Modern R&B with accents of other genres.


Directed and produced by: Jmiah

Song written by: Jmiah

Song/music composed by: Carrel Davis

Camera operator: Robert Talent

Actors: Jmiah, Courtney Moss and Mark Aylor


Equipment: a microphone, a smile, stage presence to grab every listener, and a personal touch because of true compassion and love for people.


Skills: Video production and the ability to watch Transformers, Star Wars, The Hangover, Pitch Perfect, 21 & 22 Jump Street movies OVER and OVER again.. and laugh like it's brand new!


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